10 Largest University Libraries In The World

The 10 largest university libraries in the world are great storehouses of knowledge. And with all the university libraries that are out there, for these to be the largest of them all is quite an impressive accomplishment. The largest university libraries got to be that way for several reasons and their significance changes with each passing year.

University Libraries

Universities have libraries as a way to provide their students with the necessary texts and knowledge so they can learn. The education they receive through these texts may be directly related to their classroom studies or it may be a result of a student’s desire to learn independent of any class assignment. University libraries are known for being large and comprehensive because students need to have access to books on a wide variety of subjects so that their learning can occur unimpeded by lack of resource materials.

Big University Means Big Library

So how do some university libraries become the largest? Sometimes it is as simple as knowing that the size of the university often mirrors the size of the library. It’s only logical that the largest universities would have the largest libraries.

This extends to a university’s importance and reputation in the world of higher education. Those universities that boast a certain lofty reputation will have more access to funds and therefore to more texts. And these texts will often be of a rarer nature. You know that the universities that everyone can name will have greater resources in general than other universities so it comes as no surprise that their libraries are among their great resources.

What Do University Libraries Mean In The Online Age?

University libraries may not have the same significance in the online age. It is true that online resources cannot replace original editions of precious texts and many texts cannot be found in online databases but still the significance of the university library is waning. When students can access remarkable amounts of information through internet connections then the picture of a student poring through endless books on the third floor of a university library becomes a little less relevant. The physical page is far from obsolete but it definitely has competition, even in university libraries.

The 10 Largest University Libraries

These libraries are giants in the world of university libraries. The texts and resources they contain are unmatched. As anyone seriously pursuing higher learning clearly knows these are the places where you will find the ideas of the ages.

1. Harvard University
2. Yale University
3. University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign
4. University of California-Berkeley
5. University of Texas-Austin
6. Stanford University
7. University of Michigan
8. Columbia University
9. University of California-Los Angeles
10. University of Wisconsin-Madison

University libraries provide students with resources that go far beyond what they might learn in classes. For class projects or the pure love of learning, these university libraries cannot be beat. The 10 largest hold more secrets and forgotten tomes than could be read in any short stay at a university, although reading as much as possible in the time allowed would be a worthy goal.

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